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Licensed Massage Therapist MA64606 and Massage Doula in Training


Melyssa Marshall is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Birth Doula. She began as a massage therapist in 2009 and was licensed in the state of Florida in 2010. Over time, her focus shifted to prenatal massage and helping mothers as the body changes throughout the months of pregnancy. She decided to pursue life as a Doula when she realized her great joy and desire to support women through pregnancy, labor and birth.

Through her studies and experiences, she has learned much about the natural birth process and how important it is to work with nature's way, supporting and encouraging the mother to feel empowered and confident in her natural ability to birth.

She is completing a Birth Doula certification with DONA International this year and looks forward to serving mothers in a meaningful way through such a momentous experience.



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Community Acupuncture of Orlando

Community Acupuncturists

Community Acupuncture of Orlando provides high quality treatment at affordable rates in a supportive community atmosphere. We offer acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale of $15 - $35 with a one-time $10 paperwork fee for new patients. You decide what you pay, no questions asked.

We are experienced, licensed practitioners who offer a style of acupuncture primarily using points on arms and legs to treat problems anywhere in the body. Patients relax in comfortable reclining chairs. Our spacious treatment room has soft lights and serene background music. The collective calming energy is an important component in the healing process.

The reason for our $15 - $35 sliding scale is to separate the issues of cost and treatment. Our objective is to make acupuncture available to you as often as you need it at a cost you can manage. We want you to come often enough to experience healing and maintain your health. We do not take insurance. Our price beats most co-pays. We will not ask for your financial statement.

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Bethany Duvall

Resident Artist

Bethany DuVall has been telling stories through her art work since 1994. She has shown in several local galleries and venues, including Third Thursday events, faith arts events, and many others. She ran a successful mural business for six years and has been teaching art for as long as she's been making it. In order to have time to pursue the beginnings of a writing career, Bethany now limits her showings to Raphsodic Bakery in Orlando and HD Counseling, LLC, where she offers visual story-telling workshops.

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Sara WyniaSara Wynia

Resume and Business Communication Expert

I write resumes for all career levels.

Just beginning your journey?
I can help you identify your most employable skills
and highlight educational and community experience in ways that attract employers.

Changing careers?
I can help you translate your skill set and showcase how your experience transfers to a new industry.

Looking for new leadership opportunities?
​I can help you boil down your experience to one or two pages,
distilling the high points of your executive career and tailoring them to your next step.

Traveling the road less taken?
​​I can help you show off your experience with either a traditional or nontraditional resume.

My name is Sara Wynia. I have 11 years of experience in writing and editing resumes, essays, business and education communications, and both fiction and nonfiction works. Writing resumes combines my passion for writing with my passion for helping people live their best lives.

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