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HD Counseling, LLC addresses efficiency from a holistic perspective to improve productivity as well as increase existing potential within an entity or the individual. HD Counseling, LLC provides the following four products to accomplish this:



Career Packet   |   Business Efficiency Solutions   |   Small Business Start-Up   |   Career Consulting   |   Burnout / Career Longevity


Career Packet

We use a combination of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong's Interest Inventory to help clients gain more understanding about how their personality and interest effect their work life. We use statistics collected from the MBTI and the Strong's Inventory to show clients how people with their interests and personality have excelled in the workplace as well as to help clients find more enjoyment and passion in their current work environment.

Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Complete career assessment and scoring
  • Matching your personality to others already excelling in particular careers
  • Integrated report reflecting personality & potential career
  • Insightful reports that you can use for a lifetime
  • 2 empowering sessions with a Licensed mental health counselors

Business Efficiency Solutions

Business Efficiency Solutions focuses on the core foundation of every business, its human resources. Today's challenging work environment demands that we find competitive advantages in order to stand out and secure market share. A business that utilizes their employees at maximum potential reduces opportunity costs and improves productivity. Business Efficiency Solutions is designed to help entities increase employee efficiency as well as reduce absenteeism. 

We provide practical solutions that help reduce current inefficiencies and prevent future problems. Businesses of all sizes can learn tools, ideas, and solutions to combat human resource inefficiencies, and to utilize existing potential.

Small Business Start-Up

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, but they were hit hardest by the economic downturn. Most of these businesses are built on the innovative idea of a passionate individual who has expert knowledge of their product but has less business passion. Technical innovation and drive does not equal knowledge of business administration methods. We make running your business easier so that you can focus on your specialization and innovation.

HD Counseling, LLC has gathered a wide range of resources and strategies to help Start-Ups establish themselves and to secure their market share.

When working with Start-Ups we help build a strong business plan, identify and target the niche market, create a healthy and efficient working culture, and promote physical and mental health. Once the first stages of development have been completed, HD Counseling, LLC takes an active role in using all of our resources to promote the success and longevity of our clients.

Career Consulting

Career Consulting is the practical application of Career Counseling. This product focuses on the usability of career development compared to the emotional foundation of Career Counseling. Due to the broad possibilities within Career Consulting, HD Counseling, LLC deals with a wide range of Career Consulting needs. Whether it is the high school student, who is unsure about their future or the career successor, who is tired of their busy schedule or anyone in between, HD Counseling, LLC is equipped to facilitate each process.

Burnout / Career Longevity

Treatment and prevention of burnout can significantly decrease costs and promote career longevity for working professionals.

A priority of HD Counseling, LLC is to diagnose and analyze burnout in order to prevent it before it becomes a debilitating problem. HD Counseling, LLC has combined the latest research, concepts and strategies in creating its five-step analysis of the burnout process. We believe that the more accurate the diagnosis the more efficient the treatment. Stress is a natural part of our fast paced and growing society, understanding how to deal with stress is what gives us the competitive edge.

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